The Inkless 0.0.2 Update is Out!

Hi everyone!

It's me, Andy, the lead designer behind Inkless. I had the amazing opportunity to attend GDC 2018 last week, and of course, I hopped on the opportunity to playtest Inkless at showcase events. I jotted down every bit of feedback I received, and received amazing constructive feedback that was both encouraging and helpful towards the improvement and future development of Inkless. I would like to thank every one who gave the game a go; it was amazing to see people play a game, no matter the scale, that I have worked on. 

Playtesting at a GDC afterevent

Now for the update details. This update is solely bug fixes and small UI tweaks to better improve the experience of the last version we put out. I will continue to aim for weekly updates, by the end of day every Sunday at the latest.

Version 0.0.2 changes include:

  • Toggling on and off the UI, depending on player progress in the game. Information that was not mechanically relevant used to show up in the cave level, throwing players off.
  • Added controls to the pause menu, accessible by the ESC key.
  • Fixed the 'Q' dial wheel bug that would break all brush functions when pressed. 
  • Fixed the end of the demo Shiba dialogue from actually displaying the correct message
  • Made drawn grass and pre-placed grass cuttable.
  • Fixed light mushroom interactions in the cave. Can be picked up while it is returning to its origin.

I hope you enjoy this update, and expect the upcoming update to include new gameplay elements regarding the brush. (Hint : it's something about the brush). Please leave your feedback, anything and everything is appreciated. We would like to know what you hate and love.


Andy Wang

Lead Designer


macInkless_v0.0.2 (alpha) 58 MB
Mar 31, 2018
winInkless_v0.0.2 (alpha) 53 MB
Mar 31, 2018

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